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The Cooking in Sicily is located five minutes by car from the center of Modica, in pristine countryside where nature is at your doorstep.

In March 2003 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) added the city of Modica and its surrounding areas to the WORLD HERITAGE LIST in recognition of the unique Baroque architectural design of its historic buildings, found only in this part of Sicily. Modica, situated between two valleys and surrounding hills, is a lively cultutral center with restaurants, cafes, supermarkets and shops.

Modica is sometimes called the Positano of Sicily and once was known as the Venice of Sicliy – the latter because of its position in a valley where two torrents merge. Due to excessive flooding, the torrents have been paved over, but at one time the city was divided by natural waterways that were spanned by lovely bridges. Its similarity to Positano stems from the fact that its buildings rise up from the valley floor on ridges, walkways and stairs and stand in sharp relief, catching light from every angle. This special quality led the writer Gesualdo Bufalino to call Modica a “broken pomegranate,” and the happy image of a broken pomegranate is often used in logos for the city. The top of one of the central hilltops is crowned by a castle. Church steeples, bell towers, palazzos and houses spiral upwards and create a special, almost fairytale atmosphere that visitors find charming and dreamlike.