About us

Antonella and Maria are native Sicilians who grew up in the countryside near Modica. Although neither are trained chefs, both have spent years in the kitchen watching and helping their mothers and grandmothers create the most delicious Sicilian dishes.

Antonella grew up on a farm in the Val di Noto, between Modica and Noto. Currently, a biodynamic operation, Antonella has always believed in cultivating and using local, seasonal produce in the kitchen, at the height of ripeness and freshness. Antonella is expert in creating the dishes, which have been passed down from generation to generation. Together with Maria, who grew up nearby, they shared a passion for nature, the Modican countryside and cooking.

In every recipe, one can sense their commitment to using traditionally cultivated ingredients in harmony with the changing seasons. Maria and Antonella have been cooking together for over 20 years and in their expert hands, they are able to transform the most everyday ingredients into mouthwatering, traditional Sicilian dishes. Their philosophy is simple: be aware of what is in season, learn to choose the very best primary ingredients on offer and combine those flavours in order to create meals that are healthful and delicious.

Immersing yourself in Sicilian cooking, gathering around a table, signifies participating in a culture, understanding its rhythm and sharing a part of life in ‘our Modica’.